This is the evolving website of the project of "Paradise-on-Earth" as an ultimate luxury resort, with a unique, most innovative, post-industrial, high-tech and eco-conservation dimension and with zero CO2 emission, including an independent, renewable, solar energy and production system.

Embedded in a nature park like, most beautiful terrestrial and marine setting, including sub-tropical flora and fauna, but also to be constructed in colder geographical zones using geodesic dome technology (concrete location to be disclosed on basis of MOU only), POE initially will comprise about 150 to 300 residential luxury units, fully equipped with private facilities, swimming pool, spa, beach access, embedded in lushious gardens with private zoo, sports grounds, with multifunctional cultural and amusement centre, as well as study campuses for music, arts, philosophy and other sciences ("universitopia"), medical centre, observatory, and other facilities. Potential project sites have been identified in Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, South Africa, and the USA.

This “Paradise-on-Earth” (POE) Project will be a symbol of the 21st century/ 3rd Millennium (and beyond) which models the most innovative, future-oriented life-style on the Planet! As such, the POE project will also serve as a model for the ideal and longest-term form of perfect, stress-free, creative human living employing hightech solutions in fullest harmony with the global ecosystem on our planet Earth.

It incorporates also the new philosophy of longest-term orientation or "eternalism" (developed by its founder and developer Dr. Hans Albrecht von Zedlitz, M.A., Ph.D., 1973-2010), see the parallel website www.paradiseonearth.orgRead more...




Because of its uniqueness, it is meant to be one the most exclusive project on earth reserved for a very limited number of investors and owners.

Membership/ investment terms:

  • Investment cost of the full colony with 300 residential units and all facilities is estimated at EUR 2.75 billion with a projected return of investment of EUR 2.25 billion. In smaller embodiments, POE project comprises 50-150 residential units at an estimated cost of EUR 1 to 1.5 billion.
  • The minimum amount of one individual share for one residential unit in this POE resort will be Euro 2 million (USD 3 million). Lifetime ownership will be Euro 5 million (USD 8 million), exchange rates to be adjusted.
  • Larger contributions (EUR 10 million and above) are expected from VIP shareholders, with largest contributions expected from one or several major investors (EUR 50 million or more)

Pre-investment agreements with full exclusivity rights can still be granted at the moment. Also, initial share titles offering a large discount on the future value are being considered.

A detailed business plan is under preparation (outline available from March 2010). Do not miss this unique opportunity to belong to the few privileged members and investor(s) in this most exclusive, concrete Paradise-on-Earth Project!

A UK based Ltd company is being set up for this purpose, and further seats and a holding of the evolving enterprise are planned for Switzerland, Dubai and Mauritius. For further information contact the founder/ developer at:

Legal Contact:
Dr. Hans A. Freiherr Von ZEDLITZ und NEUKIRCH, M.A., Ph.D.
FOUNDER & President

Renettenstr. 6
D-60435 Frankfurt/ Main



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